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FM Temporary Management

Interim management is the limited appointment of external managers to take on temporary management tasks due to lack of resources, required expertise or bridging of vacancies. Interim managers are usually self-employed managers who are hired as managers acting in a position of responsibility in a company for a certain project, a management task or an urgent personnel vacancy for an agreed period of time. They are paid through invoicing based on previously agreed daily rates. Interim management appointments end either after the contractually stipulated time period or earlier, after successful completion of the tasks agreed in the contract, unless the contract is extended for new tasks.

Interim mangers are regularly employed in line manger functions or in programs and projects where they manage and implement strategic or important operative tasks.

Future Manager interim manager are experienced line managers who have held first and second-tier management responsibility in businesses over many years. They are therefore able to tackle complex challenges as interim managers against the background of their successful management careers. They have the skill set to persuade clients, business partners and shareholders and manage the employees under them in a motivated and results-oriented manner.

Interim managers take on operational responsibility for temporary tasks and strategic projects as line managers or project managers in client companies.