The challenges of an international recruitment

Author: Future Manager Research Center For companies that are looking to benefit from the opportunities presented by today’s increasingly globalized business environment, the need to recruit people beyond national level is at the forefront of their strategy and planning tactics.Managing a recruitment program comes with its fair share of challenges, but for those companies that…

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What is a successful recruitment process?

  Author: Future Manager Research Center A selection process is a strategically planned procedural developed by HR professionals used when recruiting, evaluating and hiring new employees. The process typically begins with understanding the functions and skills of the searched profile; this first step is extremely important because will shape all the following steps. After understanding…

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The importance of working towards workplace diversity

  Author: Future Manager Research Center When a company wants to change and innovate, increasing diversity represents a significant challenge for many businesses. On the other side the number of diverse teams in all industries is rising because in a diverse group, every member will have a specific task, yet all of them work towards…

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